Amiram Biton

Amiram Biton Studio is a studio for architecture, interior design and product design. The occupation of the areas of planning and design is to address the experience of total design for the customer.

When the team Studio approaches to plan a new project, the goal and the aim is to discover and begins the process of formulating a concept, which is the root of the process, and it leads us to new discoveries.

The discoveries excite us, and in order to reach it, we use every possible way- sketches, materials, experimentation, simulation thoughts, additions & subtractions, and seek out every way to help us tell the story.

We are busy every day in search of a new perspective that will lead us to the discovery in order to give our customers an experience to go with and last over time. Our solution is unique, sophisticated and unpridictable.

Amiram Biton is an architect & designer and the owner of the studio. His works have been exhibited in Israel,New York, Paris and Milan.